Friday, February 8, 2013

my style icons.

a lot of people have been asking me who influences my personal style...and by the looks of this post, it appears to be a little haphazard and thrown together--mainly i like to have a good time with my's more about how a garment makes me feel, what kind of energy it creates, and what kind of feeling it evokes rather than a designer logo, name, or expensive price tag. i'm certainly not a snob when it comes to labels.

i mean, of course i lust after those miu miu shoes, hot retro ray-bans, pamela love amulets, and basically everything at opening ceremony. i feel like style is where YOU find it, where ever it is, be it your local thrift store, discount market, bazaar, flea market, designer boutique or big chain.

so here are a few of MY style icons...and the reasons why i admire them :)

yes, i'm a woman, and i love johnny depp's style.  to me, it's pure magic.  i feel like there is an intention and authenticity to everything he wears, and that it has a history behind it.  that's important to me, and i really respect people that are not afraid to try things out, wear something in a new way, or are afraid of looking bad (not that jd EVER looks bad, imo ;)


ok, yes, from johnny to jane B, who i feel is the epitome of FRENCH CHIC---she somehow makes everything she wears look effortless, elegant, sexy, and classy.  (french women are SO good at that)'s simple, but her energy makes it strong and sexy at the same time.  plus, she has a very expensive hermes bag named after her.  what's not to love??


NYC in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, was a major inspiration for me...from "club kids" to skaters, to b-boys and girls, i've loved the street-smart style with more than a little "bling"... ;) there's a carefree, in-your-face edge to this style, and i've always loved the huge eyeglasses, big chains, satin jackets, doorknocker earrings, baseball caps, sports logos, and high tops (sigh...still thinking about those cherry red reeboks i never had ;)


is it weird that nyc rocker patti smith reminds me of jane birkin??? (and johnny depp???)...i not only love her music, but her style as well. it's effortless, rocker chic at its finest...her life has been somewhat of an inspiration to me and i've taken photos of her to my hairdresser for haircut ideas :P  a true original, imo. and not to be imitated, her minimal and solemn beauty seems almost otherworldly to me!


iris apfel is amazing.  so amazing, the metropolitan museum of art showcased an exhibit of selections from her personal wardrobe... "rare bird", in 2005. born in 1921, iris is an example of boldness, individual style, and inspiration...she reminds me to never give up, to be true to myself, and to accessorize with abandon!!!! (and, her big eyeglasses kind of remind me of the cazal frames preferred by RUN DMC back in the day...or is that a bit of a stretch, lol.)


  1. Lovely shots!

  2. I love Jane Birkin and Pattti Smith too and I rir Apfel always puts a smile in my face :)