Saturday, February 23, 2013

spring 2013 beauty trends

there are a few trends i absolutely love this spring, but in particular, two beauty trends that are really inspiring to me personally >>>

#1 = BOLD BROWS. this is one of my faves because this is how my brows naturally are -- hee hee -- but i LOVE seeing this has come back into vogue instead of the super thin, plucked ones.

#2 = BLUE EYESHADOW/EYELINER --always loved it, reminds me of playing with cosmetics when i was a little girl--always went for the blue.  there is something really cool & trendy about it, but it also has that "late night hangover diner/waitress appeal" -- ;)

#3 = UNUSUALLY APPLIED OR PLACED EYE MAKEUP -- this is awesome.  i love when makeup looks more "ritually" applied, with more spiritual significance---this is a super cool trend imho, for gals or guys, with endless creative possibilities

#4 =MEN WEARING NAIL POLISH -- has a section of nail polish specifically geared toward men, which i think is awesome.  check it out here.  while i think the colors are all generally unisex, it's very cool to see this making an appearance specifically for the mens' beauty/grooming scene.  (my bf has actually let me paint a nail or two with black glitter polish  for gigs, and he's into it.... :D :D :D)

HAVE FUN !!!!!

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