Monday, July 8, 2013


junya wantanabe - spring 2013 rtw. look at these amazing head pieces...they remind me of vintage 1960s bathing caps, porcupines, and something out of a science fiction novel. again, amazing.

yohji yamamoto - spring 2013 runway. i love how the necklace becomes more than a necklace - also, how drapey the fabric is yet still flatters curves and a woman's body

acne - resort - 2014 - the gold suit! how james bond - 70s/80s club glam - effortless statements -- loving the metallic/lame/high-shine fabric sleeves mixed into streetwear / sportswear.

just some designers i've been inspired by recently -- what do you think ?? x let me know in the comments below and thanks for following xo


  1. headpieces are wild, they totally remind me of a porcupine or sea urchin...

  2. I love ACNE! So much! I agree that gold suit it's beyond amazing. I wish I could afford it!! x