Monday, March 31, 2014

inspiration - Ashish Sequin "Shopping" bag.

Every once in a while, a designer piece comes along that literally symbolizes everything I love about fashion and style.  It's rare, but it happens, a piece so compelling that I have to share it here:

This bag was part of Ashish's Spring Ready-To-Wear 2014 collection.  I pretty much loved everything about this collection.  The deconstructed "jeans", dripping with sequins in a kind of beautiful decay, the slouchy, easy silhouettes, the brand names and bold stripes splashed brazenly over the garments.  But this bag was the highlight of the show to me, and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it.  There's something about it that immediately appealed to me:  the simple, humble shape of the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag, but all gussied up with sequins. It's that rare combination, that perfect balance of high and low:  so elusive and so easily overdone.  But this, this is perfect to me.

All of the designs were based on UK grocery chains, but changed a little, with fashion-y twist in mind.  What do I love about this exactly?  I'd actually use it.  It's sensible and adds a bit of whimsy to your everyday random trip to the bodega to buy avocados or coconut water or whatever. Also, it reminds me to stay open, and to remember that inspiration can be find in the most unlikely places. (image above from Plus: SEQUINS. I mean, enough said.

To me this is "fast fashion" at it's finest...the only problem might be trying to track one of these bags down...(in the meantime, I guess I can keep using my regular plastic shopping bag ;) you can find out more about Ashish here >> <<

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