Saturday, May 3, 2014


Food and fashion.  Seems unlikely, no? I mean, we're meant to starve ourselves so we can fit into a size 00 right?

Designers taking inspiration from food is everywhere right now, from the runways to the street.  It's another classic example of my favorite concept: high-meets-low.  It's fun, it's splashy, and it makes me crave pizza and french fries and ice cream...

The food-on-clothes trend has actually been around since Wallis Simpson's day, for example, when she wore this dress designed by Elsa Schiaparelli.  (disclaimer: yes, that's right, House of Gaga did NOT invent the lobster-headpiece look).

You can see this inspiration echoed here in contemporary fashion, especially in the shrimp clutch by Larissa Hadijo, and in the ring by Virzi + DeLuca. (images, and

Need I say more? And, Red Lobster, anyone?

Food really came into the fashion spotlight with two high-end designer collections this season.  Moschino's s/s '14 had a familiar "golden arches" emblazoned on a red background.  Just looking at this combination makes me want a Big Mac and fries, which isn't helping my weight loss goals for this summer. (images,

That's right.  SERVE.

And, another one of my favorite designers, Ashish, featured a VERY well-known logo all over his Spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection.  Dripping in sequins, these pieces reminded me of the old-fashioned signage you used to see at used car lots and on billboards, and maybe even in old Las Vegas, when the logos were made up of thousands of glittering, metallic discs.

All of these looks remind me of Times Square at a ridiculously late/early hour, when maybe you've indulged a liiitle too much and wound up here, with bizarre drunk-food cravings at 3AM, where giant animated neon lobsters loom against shimmering, giant McDonald's signs, which may be mistaken for a movie theater marquee...

This trend is also everywhere in street style...

At Wildfox:

At Jeffrey Campbell:

And, over at, where you can pretty much find anything printed onto a sweatshirt, including pizza.

Maybe you still have some of that jewelry you used to get in your Happy Meals as a kid.  If so, bust it out!!  If not, head over to your local fast food burger joint, Dairy Queen, Red Lobster or Pizza Hut for some " inspiration "...

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