Tuesday, May 20, 2014

inspiration: black and gold.

black & gold

Ah, spring.  A time for florals and pastels and prints.  I can't help it, is it only me, or do you find yourself longing for bold contrasts like black and gold? It's a classic combination, which I imagine started in ancient times. (Egypt maybe?) It's also well known in fashion, everywhere from Chanel to Moschino to street style bling.  It can be elegant or brash, tacky/over-the-top or timeless.  Maybe it's a little of both. Which is why I like it so much. (just click on the collage above, it will link to my Polyvore account, and you can see what everything is and where it's from there :)

What do you think of this classic combination? How do you style it? I'll be doing a personal style post on this soon so check back and as always, thanks for reading :) x

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