Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the liebster award?!!

hi y'all...so....shout out to ms. chloe jay @ fashion lark for the nomination! just when i think i'm finished blogging something like this happens that keeps me going...i mean...i have twitter, instagram, pinterest...do i really need a blog??!

the award is for new blogs with less than 200 followers, and will help them get recognized.
hopefully this will inspire me to keep blogging... here are chloe jay's questions:

1. Your favourite peice in your wardrobe?
black dkny ankle motorcycle boots

2. Your favourite hairstyle?
im changing my mind about bangs...but for now its long, long, long

3. Your favourite trend?
 ombre-dyed fabrics

4. Your favourite singer/songwriter?

5. Your favourite perfume?
estee lauder tuberose gardenia

6. Your favourite flavour ice cream?
rocky road

7. Your favourite drink?

8. Your favourite era?
would have loved to live in the 1960s

9. Your favourite place?

10. Your dream job?
artist/designer/wardrobe stylist.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
living somewhere in a trailer out west

bloggers i'm tagging:
6 daniel shamatrin http://followmyeyes.tumblr.com/
8 express your inner self http://expressyourinnerself.onsugar.com/

my 11 questions:

1 who is your favorite artist?
2 what is your favorite season?
3 favorite thing to do in your downtime?
4 favorite band/musician?
5 what do u do to get inspiration?
6 who is your style icon?
7 what is your favorite place to shop?
8 do u prefer vintage or brand-new?
9 who is your favorite designer?
10 what place would you like to visit most?
11 what is the last book you read?

 the rules: each person must:
1 post 11 things about yourself
2 answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you
3 create 11 more questions your tagged bloggers must answer
4 then choose 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and tag them in a post
5 these lucky bloggers must then b told
6 there are no tag backs

good luck everyone !! x

Thursday, July 5, 2012

style inspiration

random things i've been inspired by, in no particular order.

joan baez and sisters, 1968 photo by jim marshall
janis joplin backstage winterland SF 1968, photo by jim marshall

pj harvey
francoise hardy. amazing haircut.
francoise hardy in silver outfit.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


"liberty leading the people" by eugene delacroix, 1830
"UM...okay...I just walked past a chick on park avenue south and 20th street with her assets all out (at first I thought she was wearing a really nude color shirt).  She otherwise looked normal though, with stonewashed jeans, sunglasses, and shoes (although who's really looking) and the kicker, a Burberry handbag...."

a very good friend of mine who lives and works in manhattan just emailed me this. at first, i laughed, and then,  it really got me thinking about the "limits" (or lack thereof) of street style...

did a little "research" (haha, google, anyone?) and found on the gothamist, that it's legal (although, maybe NSFW) for women to be topless in new york state, has been since 1992.

sooo. social protest?! or mere fashion statement? check out this blouse, which leaves little to the imagination, worn by a super-stylish fashionista here. (if you're bored, the comments on this post are very amusing)

miuccia prada, one of my favorite designers, has said something along the lines of, "the more you dress for sex, the less sex you'll get"...

now, i'm never one to put down self-expression and creativity through fashion, i'll probably never have to worry about going topless (or see-thru, without a bra) on the streets of manhattan because a) i don't have the guts to,  b) i don't crave that kind of attention all over my boobs, and c) i'm trying to get as much sex as i possibly can (KIDDING lol)...

so, i'm thinking about what's socially and geographically acceptable in street style. (i can't really see this happening in certain parts of the Bronx, for example...or new jersey...or somewhere in a small town in central USA)

historically, nudity was frowned upon when by missionaries entering foreign countries:  nudity was "savagery"...also during the victorian era a lot nude statues and paintings from the roman and renaissance period in art history had their private parts painted  or glued over with fig leaves ...

so, transport yourself to a sunny summer afternoon on the streets of park avenue...what do you guys think? a celebration of the female form? a right to embrace our equal rights and fundamental freedoms? desperate plea for attention? something that should be left in the pages of art history or on the beaches of the french riviera?????? does she need fig leaves?? or, are we witnessing a

(also, i'm sorry i admit, i've been sorely neglecting my humble blog. there is no excuse other than i have been very uninspired lately, so, hoping to do some more outfit posts and DIY soon...thanks for sticking with me,
 faithful readers <3 )