Saturday, October 19, 2013

outfit + style inspiration.

wearing: old moto boots (can't even remember where i bought them, maybe from Naturalizer??), coat & hat are vintage, found ribbon (i think it was a dress belt), and vintage tuxedo shirt.  coated "leather" jeans are from adriano goldschmied.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I have a confession to make.  I strongly dislike the word "STYLIST." It kind of surprises me that people need to pay someone to have "taste" for them, or to tell them what labels to wear or what looks good on them.  I'm of the camp "if it makes you happy and you feel good in it, wear it."

I love fashion, current styles and trends, but alternately I feel like true style has to come from somewhere within your heart, it's not about buying something just because someone told you it's hot, or wearing head-to-toe designer labels, in fact, this is really boring and safe.  Yep, I too would love to splurge on some designer pieces from Saint Laruent, or Givenchy this season, but I realize that solely wearing designer stuff isn't going to give me style...

I come from a background of the visual and performing arts, and I've always approached my personal style more like this: 
"how do these shapes/colors/textures work together?" 
"can i get away with wearing this to the post office and the grocery store?" ("if not, who cares!")
"does this make me look scary/crazy/off/wild/original?" ("if so, GREAT!!!") 
"can I wear this dog collar as a necklace/bracelet/boot harness?"
"this is so bad, it's good!"

I look to the past for my own style inspiration.  I often find it on vintage vinyl album covers, like this Sonny&Cher I found recently while thrift shopping:

I mean, look at them! Those jeans! That dress! and I love how casual and un-forced the photographs look, like their style just arrived naturally out of their surroundings and what they were doing at the time.  It isn't forced, it isn't's just kind of who they were.  

I feel like this individuality and fearlessness with style is sort of missing from a lot of our popular culture. 
So, here are my general style tips to everyone:
a)  mess up
b) look ridiculous
c) have a sense of humor
d) laugh at yourself



#4 BE ADVENTUROUS (shop in the thrift store, as well as the mall, cut up your clothes, try to make some clothes or alter stuff you already have!)

#5 STOP LOOKING AT STYLE / BEAUTY BLOGS AND COMPARING YOURSELF TO HOW SKINNY, PRETTY, HAPPY, WHATEVER the other people on the blogs may's all a facade anyway. ;)


#5 SUSPEND JUDGEMENT (of yourself and OTHERS!)

If you can do that, I think that's the basis of developing your own personal style! (and generally having an easier time getting dressed in the morning).