Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTHIC after high-school??!

i got this tweet the other day from ASOS re: "the about-to-be-massive" gothic trend. seeing as tho i was OBSESSED with vampires, in high school, and THIS is how i looked:

anne rice was my generation's stephaine meyer.  and i read lj smith's "the vampire diaries" as soon as it was published in the 90s....ten (gasp_) years later i've moved on.  kinda already over emo, darkness, depression, and vampires vampires and more vampires.

still, i guess i'm somewhat of a goth girl at heart.  my "grown up style" is nowhere near my 15 y/o theatrics, but i always go for black, chains and spikes instead of pastels, neon, florals... now i'll do something like this. black half-moons and finger armor (rings, from h&m, $7.95 for 3) to honor my gothic heritage...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

totally random weekly style inspiration.

the jackson 5.
necklace by tom binns.
twiggy wearing lucite jewelry.
another necklace by tom binns.
the full-disco suit.
oh la la.
this is what i wish my life looked like today ;)