Friday, September 21, 2012

studded collar DIY

this is really easy, i got an old gap denim shirt at the thrift store for a dollar, cut the collar off with fabric scissors, dipped the whole thing in bleach for an hour or two, and then punched the spikes through using a small manicure scissor to make the hole! the spikes are riveted, they're very easy to attach...this whole thing took me maybe an hour at most.

Monday, September 17, 2012

the (new) NECKLACE?!! + REALLY REALLY VINTAGE clothing!!!

the collar is a making a major statement--worn as necklace or part of a shirt, many of the collars are detachable (i see a d.i.y. in the future-maybe a deconstructed denim collar with studs!) the idea of wearing a contrasting black or white collar with a colorful shirt! Just having the collar also adds layers without adding bulk...i've seen them also as necklaces too, with studs, spikes, part of ombre-dipped pieces...such a great accessory, a little different and more subtle than wearing a big necklace!

photo from the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University

update: just got a text from my friend who told me about
she saw recently.
the collar, which was made in AD 1600-1700 (can you believe it, looks so recent), has a "secret worn close to the heart", in the form of love letters that were folded into the garment while it was being made...i absolutely love this idea of making clothing personal and meaningful, a one-of-a-kind piece that has deep meaning for the one who wears it.  it's a whole different way of looking at clothes. our culture is so disposable today, and often i find myself caught in this same trap-getting excited about a style bargain on mass-produced, impersonal items at stores like h&m and F21!

if i ever get up the energy to start making my own accessories, and clothing, it's this kind of energy i want my garments to have--

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BANGarang. (haircut anxiety)

i haven't had BANGS since i was in 6th grade. and it was not a good experience.  i've never opted to try them again, but lately i have been collecting "hairstyle" ideas like these, for when i go back to the salon...

i haven't had a haircut in probably close to 3 years, because i am VERY superstitious about who touches my hair. it borders on the's like i have to have a spiritual/personal connection with whoever does it. soon, though, i'm probably going to be forced to do something.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

futuristic western: DIY studded-jacket

This DIY looks cool and, it's very easy to do.  i finally got around to making a studded collar, something i have been wanting to do for a while now.  this is my first time working with studs, and it was fun, and (almost) painless ;) the whole thing start to finish, took maybe a half hour?

here's what you will need

1 a jean jacket or vest
(this one is from salvation army, and cost maybe $3-4 don't buy something expensive, there is absolutely no reason to)

2 studs. i picked mine up at m&j trimming in new york. (they have great products...SO easy to overspend here) but you can find 'em online too. try here.

3 a knife or nail file to bend the spikes down once they are pushed through the fabric

the materials. i used "colonial gold" pyramid studs, which i bought at m&j trimming in nyc. a nail file, or a knife, to push the studs down, and a vintage jean jacket

 i line the studs up before i push them in.  it's easier to make a pattern first before you go through all the trouble and then decide you don't like it.  also, i line up the two on the the end of the row first before placing the middle one.  much easier.
 i only bend one little arm of the studs down while i'm attaching them.  this holds them in place so i can check placement before pushing them all into position with the file/knife.  that way i can make sure they are where i want them before committing...again much easier if some need to be moved or adjusted slightly.
viola! the finished project! denim is a little tough to stud, especially with the pyramid pieces.  they start to hurt your fingers after a while. really easy though! just takes a little time and patience.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTHIC after high-school??!

i got this tweet the other day from ASOS re: "the about-to-be-massive" gothic trend. seeing as tho i was OBSESSED with vampires, in high school, and THIS is how i looked:

anne rice was my generation's stephaine meyer.  and i read lj smith's "the vampire diaries" as soon as it was published in the 90s....ten (gasp_) years later i've moved on.  kinda already over emo, darkness, depression, and vampires vampires and more vampires.

still, i guess i'm somewhat of a goth girl at heart.  my "grown up style" is nowhere near my 15 y/o theatrics, but i always go for black, chains and spikes instead of pastels, neon, florals... now i'll do something like this. black half-moons and finger armor (rings, from h&m, $7.95 for 3) to honor my gothic heritage...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

totally random weekly style inspiration.

the jackson 5.
necklace by tom binns.
twiggy wearing lucite jewelry.
another necklace by tom binns.
the full-disco suit.
oh la la.
this is what i wish my life looked like today ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the liebster award?!!

hi y' out to ms. chloe jay @ fashion lark for the nomination! just when i think i'm finished blogging something like this happens that keeps me going...i mean...i have twitter, instagram, i really need a blog??!

the award is for new blogs with less than 200 followers, and will help them get recognized.
hopefully this will inspire me to keep blogging... here are chloe jay's questions:

1. Your favourite peice in your wardrobe?
black dkny ankle motorcycle boots

2. Your favourite hairstyle?
im changing my mind about bangs...but for now its long, long, long

3. Your favourite trend?
 ombre-dyed fabrics

4. Your favourite singer/songwriter?

5. Your favourite perfume?
estee lauder tuberose gardenia

6. Your favourite flavour ice cream?
rocky road

7. Your favourite drink?

8. Your favourite era?
would have loved to live in the 1960s

9. Your favourite place?

10. Your dream job?
artist/designer/wardrobe stylist.

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
living somewhere in a trailer out west

bloggers i'm tagging:
6 daniel shamatrin
8 express your inner self

my 11 questions:

1 who is your favorite artist?
2 what is your favorite season?
3 favorite thing to do in your downtime?
4 favorite band/musician?
5 what do u do to get inspiration?
6 who is your style icon?
7 what is your favorite place to shop?
8 do u prefer vintage or brand-new?
9 who is your favorite designer?
10 what place would you like to visit most?
11 what is the last book you read?

 the rules: each person must:
1 post 11 things about yourself
2 answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you
3 create 11 more questions your tagged bloggers must answer
4 then choose 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and tag them in a post
5 these lucky bloggers must then b told
6 there are no tag backs

good luck everyone !! x

Thursday, July 5, 2012

style inspiration

random things i've been inspired by, in no particular order.

joan baez and sisters, 1968 photo by jim marshall
janis joplin backstage winterland SF 1968, photo by jim marshall

pj harvey
francoise hardy. amazing haircut.
francoise hardy in silver outfit.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


"liberty leading the people" by eugene delacroix, 1830
"UM...okay...I just walked past a chick on park avenue south and 20th street with her assets all out (at first I thought she was wearing a really nude color shirt).  She otherwise looked normal though, with stonewashed jeans, sunglasses, and shoes (although who's really looking) and the kicker, a Burberry handbag...."

a very good friend of mine who lives and works in manhattan just emailed me this. at first, i laughed, and then,  it really got me thinking about the "limits" (or lack thereof) of street style...

did a little "research" (haha, google, anyone?) and found on the gothamist, that it's legal (although, maybe NSFW) for women to be topless in new york state, has been since 1992.

sooo. social protest?! or mere fashion statement? check out this blouse, which leaves little to the imagination, worn by a super-stylish fashionista here. (if you're bored, the comments on this post are very amusing)

miuccia prada, one of my favorite designers, has said something along the lines of, "the more you dress for sex, the less sex you'll get"...

now, i'm never one to put down self-expression and creativity through fashion, i'll probably never have to worry about going topless (or see-thru, without a bra) on the streets of manhattan because a) i don't have the guts to,  b) i don't crave that kind of attention all over my boobs, and c) i'm trying to get as much sex as i possibly can (KIDDING lol)...

so, i'm thinking about what's socially and geographically acceptable in street style. (i can't really see this happening in certain parts of the Bronx, for example...or new jersey...or somewhere in a small town in central USA)

historically, nudity was frowned upon when by missionaries entering foreign countries:  nudity was "savagery"...also during the victorian era a lot nude statues and paintings from the roman and renaissance period in art history had their private parts painted  or glued over with fig leaves ...

so, transport yourself to a sunny summer afternoon on the streets of park avenue...what do you guys think? a celebration of the female form? a right to embrace our equal rights and fundamental freedoms? desperate plea for attention? something that should be left in the pages of art history or on the beaches of the french riviera?????? does she need fig leaves?? or, are we witnessing a

(also, i'm sorry i admit, i've been sorely neglecting my humble blog. there is no excuse other than i have been very uninspired lately, so, hoping to do some more outfit posts and DIY soon...thanks for sticking with me,
 faithful readers <3 )

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PROcrastination (help!!) & shopping ADDICTION.

SO, i thought i'd share some of my favorite recent online shopping discoveries with u: selection of accessories, carefully curated vintage threads, super-hip photography and styling.  rad prices too-- i love their studded iPhone cases. and check out their lovely blog, great inspiration.

over to etsy now for some incredible handcrafted tribal-goth inspired pieces from chymiera's awesome shop....her creativity and diverse designs are so chic and fashionable right now, and way cooler than anything u could find at a chain store...handmade from stone, found objects, antler, leather, bone and beads, each piece is so personal and makes u feel like you're part of a strange journey through time. her shipping is super-fast too and her packaging, immaculate. a highly recommended etsy seller and artisan!!

 and, finally, what online shopping trip would be complete without a trip to eBay?! as overwhelming as this site may seem at first to a new vintage hunter, Noirohio vintage is a great place to start if you're in search of fabulous indie prints, preppy basics, studded jean shorts, and all-around great quality vintage/designer pieces...from old Levi's to Lanvin, their selections are super hot. i found them through their amazing BLOG, which u should all check out and follow :)

that's it for now my friends, i hope u have fun with these sites and waste hours of precious time shopping on the 'net when u could be being creative ;P

Thursday, May 31, 2012

thifted FINDS: jacket, skirt, shirt, shirt. and. new western piece !!!

hit up the thrift store yesterday and found some trendy and one (true) vintage piece: a beautiful, perfectly worn western blouse with a great authentic label.  also purchased a 100% leather mini, oversized 80s blouse, bleached levi strauss jean jacket and a sheer black ruffle sleeve blouse.  perfect for fall!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

oh you FANCY huh.

bling is beautiful. "silver" bamboo hip-hop earrings.

just call me knuckles.  two finger ring.  i like jewelry that looks like a weapon. :D

NEW jewelry, got both the earrings and ring at Plato's Closet...$7 total. and here, my somewhat crazy nails.  it's "tropical galaxy"....a bright coral with one nail on each hand painted black with sparkles.  just a little something different for an otherwise boring day.  what do you think? i'm not that great at designs yet, but practicing....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

i'm (sexy??!) and i (don't) KNOW it.

recently in an email a good friend told me my blog was "sexy."  i must admit, that adjective rarely crosses my mind in any depiction or description of myself.  however, i was honored.  here are a few beauty trends i'm finding "sexy" right now...

"cat eye" eyeliner...with a little practice...this glam look can be yours.

 obsessive compulsive cosmetics. "lip tar" this product line is amazing...intense color, quality ingredients, and cruelty-free! and i love the names...

in my day to day life i rarely wear make-up, usually only lipstick.  yet when i go out i always feel the need to do a little "something extra"...

also, i'm starting a new project on Instagram, where i take a self-portrait a day...trying to get around a major creative road block i've been having recently. so, if u like photography, and u have that app, check it out ! x

Friday, May 18, 2012

thank you, fashion gods.

i've been stepping up my jewelry collection for s/s'12...i don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, usually one or two statement pieces, but i love looking at it and making it...and i've been finding some amazing stuff, thrifting and flea-ing, so here are some new finds: all were under $15...collar necklace ($12.95) , and set of 3rings($5.95), from h&m. "aztec" pendant($8), vintage store in pennsylvania. cross earrings($1), flea market. going for a kind of shaman-inspired 70s theme here...not sure what the crosses have to do with it since i am not religious at all...h&m has some incredible accessories right now...even my bf was buying (womens') rings to wear...ha!! so cool.  i encouraged him ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

new(old) STUFF.

silk leopard blouse, thrifted. collar, h&m. purple lipstick, NYC. red ruffle sheer blouse, thrifted.

Friday, May 11, 2012

SUN(day) TEA. (easy easy)

this is the easiest and best-tasting iced tea you'll ever make. it basically makes itself while you're at work, school, out for a few hours....  for this you'll need:
-a glass bottle of clean, fresh, distilled, or spring water.
-a tea bag (i use black tea, for herbal, let sit always tastes bitter using this method so i avoid it)
-the sun.  a sunny spot, and a few hours for the tea to brew. depending on how strong u like it. weak tea takes about an hour in full sun...the longer u leave it, the stronger it gets...but u can sweeten with honey.
-serve with ice, lemon, sugar or honey.  yummmmmmm, cheap and good.