Thursday, July 4, 2013

confessions of a style blogger

CONFESSION: i hate photographing myself.  i hate posting photos of my outfits.  i don't have someone following me around w/ a camera, so my shots are usually taken in my bedroom, where i can balance my tiny point-and-shoot digital camera on the edge of some books stacked on my desk.  the lighting is bad.  my poses are terrible.  it takes me a long time to get even a halfway decent shot, and usually then i just end up posting the bad ones because i'm sick of trying to get it right.

I AM NOT A MODEL. (i'm a BLOGGER. i do this, all by myself, in my tiny bedroom. it is not glamorous.  i don't get invited to fashion shows.  i buy my clothes in thrift stores.  i'm a big fan of wearing the same thing every day.)

kind of difficult when you have a "style blog". i haven't been blogging recently because i'm not sure at all what direction i want my blog to take.  i tried to do the "i look cute and amazing in my outfit" shots, and that's just not me. at all.  please, don't get me wrong...i love a lot of the other fashion blogs with outfit posts, their amazing photography...i just don't feel like that's something i'm comfortable with yet.

i've been kind of frustrated with the fashion blogging thing lately, if it wasn't obvious.

i've been more into my nail polish blog, which you can find here.  i started posting nail stuff here as drafts, and then it took on a life of its own, so i gave it its own blog. let me know what you think, and please follow, if you're into that sort of thing :)

i will go back to posting content on SharpLilTeeth, when i at least have a clearer idea of what i'm doing.  a friend and i were talking not too long ago and she challenged me to do one post a week, at least, even if i didn't feel like it.  i'm thinking of taking her up on that, and trying to get over my creative block.

thanks for sticking with me...i promise i will come out of hiding.  xo