Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOTHIC after high-school??!

i got this tweet the other day from ASOS re: "the about-to-be-massive" gothic trend. seeing as tho i was OBSESSED with vampires, in high school, and THIS is how i looked:

anne rice was my generation's stephaine meyer.  and i read lj smith's "the vampire diaries" as soon as it was published in the 90s....ten (gasp_) years later i've moved on.  kinda already over emo, darkness, depression, and vampires vampires and more vampires.

still, i guess i'm somewhat of a goth girl at heart.  my "grown up style" is nowhere near my 15 y/o theatrics, but i always go for black, chains and spikes instead of pastels, neon, florals... now i'll do something like this. black half-moons and finger armor (rings, from h&m, $7.95 for 3) to honor my gothic heritage...

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