Friday, May 18, 2012

thank you, fashion gods.

i've been stepping up my jewelry collection for s/s'12...i don't usually wear a lot of jewelry, usually one or two statement pieces, but i love looking at it and making it...and i've been finding some amazing stuff, thrifting and flea-ing, so here are some new finds: all were under $15...collar necklace ($12.95) , and set of 3rings($5.95), from h&m. "aztec" pendant($8), vintage store in pennsylvania. cross earrings($1), flea market. going for a kind of shaman-inspired 70s theme here...not sure what the crosses have to do with it since i am not religious at all...h&m has some incredible accessories right now...even my bf was buying (womens') rings to wear...ha!! so cool.  i encouraged him ;)

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  1. ha, i love the boyfriend buying rings part :) my boyfriend never ever wore jewellery until his grandmother gave him a gold signet ring of his late grandfather's - bf is named after him so it was very emotional for her to pass it on. and he wears it all the time now

    p.s love all your blings too!