Wednesday, March 27, 2013

cool new stuff: spring cleaning, weekend shopping.

i don't usually do this but wanted to share some great finds from this past week/weekend!  i'm trying to get my room spruced up for spring, so a trip to the mother ship of all home furnishings was in order: IKEA. i've been writing a lot more lately so i decided to get a desk...which was a great deal and it's made of real wood! ($129 for, pine, not particle board, and it was made in Poland) (spent almost 2.5 hours with my bf putting this bad boy i'm showing it off on my blog ha ha!)

an awesome, under $5 red plastic lamp! it has a mod, goth-y glow, especially at night, and looks really striking against the grey walls!

the baby sheepskin...this was REALLY small. a lot smaller than it looked online.  but i bought it anyway.  i'm hoping to get a bigger one to cover more of the floor, but it's so nice to put your feet on in the morning.  apparently IKEA used to sell larger ones but they don't anymore :( very reasonable for the price ($30).

and, in the personal style section:

OCC cosmetics lip tar and nail varnish! check out their new sci fi lullabies collection for spring 2013 here. they have really great names and great colors!

i played it safe and bought kava kava (nail polish) and pris (lip tar from sci fi lullabies collection.) all of their products are amazing, but after sampling a lot of the colors i was lusting after online, they just looked terrible on me in person.  i feel everything they make would ROCK on tan-to-darker skinned am just a pale white chick and i will now be even paler with my almond glitter nails and lips (zombie chic!??!) my friend talked me out of getting the red eyeshadow, but i may eventually go back for it he he he.

the artwork and packaging is super cool too, and all their products are vegan and cruelty-free!

and finally, not one but two new pairs of earrings!! dogeared makes these and they are available at cool!! (the skulls were gift ;) yes i have an awesome bf)

wow! so there are my style finds from this past week/weekend...what have you found lately? leave me a comment and let me know, and thanks for reading xo

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  1. Got myself a pair of Womanswork gloves for garden work. A sweet fit!