Sunday, March 31, 2013

effortless spring/summer style: where to shop

i'm really into uniforms.  winter: it's a long black coat, or a faux fur one, jeans, a grey or black sweatshirt, and moto boots.  now that it's getting to be spring, i'm looking into transforming the look into spring... i felt like drawing today so here's my "fun-with-windows-paint" inspiration (i did this with my finger on the laptop's mouse pad ha ha)...and some ideas on where to get the look x

to make the winter uniform work for spring, i basically turn the long black coat into a summer dress...i'm working on studding the collar of a vintage blazer i found at the thrift store.  denim jackets or boyfriend blazers are pretty easy to find at the thrift shop, and they are perfect for the cooler days. i bought some studded belts at the thrift shop, and took the studs off of them, and now i'm putting them on the blazer's collar....

try looking for a maxi dress here:
or here:

and check out these great flats (comfy!):

clockwise from top left: asos, zara, asos, H&M.

for the pendant and/or cuff, and bag, i'd head to etsy or ebay.  look at these gorgeous finds!

i'm totally digging that southwestern bag...what a cool piece.  love etsy for the amazing vintage, it's always great when you get an idea of something you'd like to have but can't find in your local thrift/vintage shop.

there are also have amazing sunglasses on etsy.

but check these out too...they are all amazing.  i'm lucky to have my 70s vintage pair, but if i were going to make a "wardrobe investment" this spring/summer, it would have to be on one of these amazing pairs of sunglasses.  it's an instant statement piece you can wear with anything! (and you'll have it for years to come--this look never goes out of style, imho).

look for a floppy hat in a garden or outdoor store...also there are a ton of hats in department or discount shop around until you find one that suits you! happy spring, and thanks for reading 

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