Thursday, April 18, 2013

d.i.y. shredded-t, NO KNITTING REQUIRED!

i've been wanting to do a shredded t-DIY for a while now. i found there was something REALLY satisfying about shredding this top.  it's highly addictive and fun to un-ravel something that's already been machine-knit.  i did most of the shredding on the train/bus.  kinda like knitting, only UN-KNITTING. ;)

i found this excellent tutorial from childhood flames. she even includes a video !! so helpful.  i found a silver knit top at the salvation army for $1...unfortunately, i don't have a before pic, but it was a form-fitting, long sleeve metallic vintage knit, probably from the 1980s.  this is what i transformed it into.  wanted to used a metallic knit for a little more texture/visual interest. below i did just a basic style so you can see how it looks on....

love the sleeves! the great thing about this is it gets bigger as you shred it so you can chop off excess fabric if you want once it's unraveled.  i did this sleeve thing just before i took these shots.  i may cut the sleeves even more and wear it more like a tank dress.  let me know what you think! have you ever done this DIY?


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  2. Amazing sleeves! xx IAMTIM,