Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inspiration - Carolin Holzhuber & Surrealism.

When I first saw the work of designer Carolin Holzhuber, I had to know more. A pair of shoes fused with another pair of shoes? Wait, what?!  Can those actually be worn either way? I'm still not sure of the answer, but my guess is "yes."

photography, Thuy Pham
photography, Thuy Pham

I did some "research" (read: google) Carolin Holzhuber and found that that the Vienna and London-based designer "takes something that normally creates aversions and transforms it into aesthetical objects" according to notjustalabel.com, a website that supports "pioneers in contemporary fashion."  If you haven't ever explored this site, I strongly suggest you check it out.  It's a wealth of information and a great gateway to discover emerging talent.

photography, Thuy Pham

These pieces remind me of another favorite Surrealist/Dadaist artist and sculptor, Meret Oppenheim.  The artist presents with un-usable, impossible objects full of internal contradictions.  Many of her works incorporate found objects wrapped, bound, or fused with conflicting materials.

The concept of blurring the line between style and art is very dear to my heart. I love when things are out of balance, exaggerated, and cause you to look twice.  Carolin Holzhuber takes her inspiration from "mirroring, reflection, and conjoined twins."  It is quietly in-your-face, subtle yet powerful, and can't be ignored.


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