Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jewelry Lust, and Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! (and Happy Easter, if you celebrate it :). The flowers are just starting to come up, I did some yard work today clearing away dead leaves.  I was motivated to get out and shoot some photos, despite the air still having a distinct chill.

Spring/summer is a perfect time for showcasing your favorite pieces of jewelry.  The bulkiness of gloves, scarves, piles of fabric, coats isn't there to impede your multi-chain necklace or cause your rings and bracelets to fall off when removing a glove.  Spring/summer clothes are more basic, with thinner fabrics and simpler cuts...what better way to add interest to a look?

I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites with you...

UK based Tessa Metcalfe's post-apocalypitic-inspired pigeon claw rings were just something that when I saw them, I knew I had to have one.  She also does necklaces, earrings, and bespoke engagement pieces with a variety of stones.  My only complaint is that every time she creates something new, I want it.  Everything she makes is so well-crafted.  Also, she has an amazing Instagram account which I highly recommend everyone follow!  Snap up a piece by this designer asap, as her work is growing in popularity!

Gabriel Urist has a showroom in a neighborhood where I used to to live, and that is near and dear to my heart, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  If you've ever been there, it is a really cool mix of artists, designers, musicians, teachers, dog-lovers, and creative people of all types.  I like that his style is a mix of pop and classic designs, there is almost something baroque about some of the lettering styles and pieces...(all images below,  Also there's an emphasis on the handcrafted, personal touch.  I really like the bold calligraphy and the positive yet in-your-face feeling the pieces have.

Wendy Brandes is another NYC designer who just makes everything cool.  She creates pieces at a variety of price points.  Loving her funny emoticon earrings and rings, as well as her "single" earrings in sterling silver that can be mixed and matched.  Also the statement initial pieces are stunning, and very funny.  If you've read my blog you know I love style that has a sense of humor and whimsy, which a lot of her pieces tend to have. (all photos below,  They are also not for the faint at heart, bold, statement pieces that speak for themselves!

One of my most recent purchases was from Portugese designer Carolina Curado.  I absolutely fell for her worn-under-the-finger "fingernail" midi ring, I've never seen anything like it.  I'm also totally in love with her ear unique and beautifully crafted.

I also have a collection of plain bands that I wear as "midi" or "above the knuckle" rings.  I picked them up there and there, but mostly at arts fairs, flea markets, and craft fairs.  I just buy the smallest sizes they have and wear them on whatever finger they fit.  They're great compliments with the larger pieces or just on their own.  All photos are by me unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for reading! x

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