Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BANGarang. (haircut anxiety)

i haven't had BANGS since i was in 6th grade. and it was not a good experience.  i've never opted to try them again, but lately i have been collecting "hairstyle" ideas like these, for when i go back to the salon...

i haven't had a haircut in probably close to 3 years, because i am VERY superstitious about who touches my hair. it borders on the's like i have to have a spiritual/personal connection with whoever does it. soon, though, i'm probably going to be forced to do something.

here's some shots from my inspiration folder, from some of my favortie ladies of style...francoise hardy, charlotte gainsbourg, and alexa chung (modeling for maje)  thoughts?


  1. i love the selection of hairstyles, you can't really go wrong with it and that style of fringe is easy enough to grow out if your not 100%.

    1. thanks for the vote of confidence, chloe !:) i'm thinking i'm going to do it! you're right, it will always grow out if i don't like it. x