Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BANGarang. (haircut anxiety)

i haven't had BANGS since i was in 6th grade. and it was not a good experience.  i've never opted to try them again, but lately i have been collecting "hairstyle" ideas like these, for when i go back to the salon...

i haven't had a haircut in probably close to 3 years, because i am VERY superstitious about who touches my hair. it borders on the's like i have to have a spiritual/personal connection with whoever does it. soon, though, i'm probably going to be forced to do something.


  1. i love the selection of hairstyles, you can't really go wrong with it and that style of fringe is easy enough to grow out if your not 100%.

    1. thanks for the vote of confidence, chloe !:) i'm thinking i'm going to do it! you're right, it will always grow out if i don't like it. x