Monday, September 17, 2012

the (new) NECKLACE?!! + REALLY REALLY VINTAGE clothing!!!

the collar is a making a major statement--worn as necklace or part of a shirt, many of the collars are detachable (i see a d.i.y. in the future-maybe a deconstructed denim collar with studs!) the idea of wearing a contrasting black or white collar with a colorful shirt! Just having the collar also adds layers without adding bulk...i've seen them also as necklaces too, with studs, spikes, part of ombre-dipped pieces...such a great accessory, a little different and more subtle than wearing a big necklace!

photo from the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University

update: just got a text from my friend who told me about
she saw recently.
the collar, which was made in AD 1600-1700 (can you believe it, looks so recent), has a "secret worn close to the heart", in the form of love letters that were folded into the garment while it was being made...i absolutely love this idea of making clothing personal and meaningful, a one-of-a-kind piece that has deep meaning for the one who wears it.  it's a whole different way of looking at clothes. our culture is so disposable today, and often i find myself caught in this same trap-getting excited about a style bargain on mass-produced, impersonal items at stores like h&m and F21!

if i ever get up the energy to start making my own accessories, and clothing, it's this kind of energy i want my garments to have--


  1. yes, the collar is very old indeed. But still amazing!

  2. I love collars, they add a lot of personality!x