Saturday, September 1, 2012

futuristic western: DIY studded-jacket

This DIY looks cool and, it's very easy to do.  i finally got around to making a studded collar, something i have been wanting to do for a while now.  this is my first time working with studs, and it was fun, and (almost) painless ;) the whole thing start to finish, took maybe a half hour?

here's what you will need

1 a jean jacket or vest
(this one is from salvation army, and cost maybe $3-4 don't buy something expensive, there is absolutely no reason to)

2 studs. i picked mine up at m&j trimming in new york. (they have great products...SO easy to overspend here) but you can find 'em online too. try here.

3 a knife or nail file to bend the spikes down once they are pushed through the fabric

the materials. i used "colonial gold" pyramid studs, which i bought at m&j trimming in nyc. a nail file, or a knife, to push the studs down, and a vintage jean jacket

 i line the studs up before i push them in.  it's easier to make a pattern first before you go through all the trouble and then decide you don't like it.  also, i line up the two on the the end of the row first before placing the middle one.  much easier.
 i only bend one little arm of the studs down while i'm attaching them.  this holds them in place so i can check placement before pushing them all into position with the file/knife.  that way i can make sure they are where i want them before committing...again much easier if some need to be moved or adjusted slightly.
viola! the finished project! denim is a little tough to stud, especially with the pyramid pieces.  they start to hurt your fingers after a while. really easy though! just takes a little time and patience.


  1. I love how easy it is to make a jacket more interesting by just adding a few studs! I hate having to bend the backs down though but I suppose it's worth it in the end :-)

  2. hi Laura, yes, i totally agree! i think there is some kind of "tool" you can get, for the studs, or if u use spikes, they sometimes screw on w/out having to bend the backs down... thanks for your comment!

  3. what a great, and simple, idea! makes me want to go be-spike (not be-dazzle) lots of things.