Saturday, March 17, 2012

Harley-David, Son of A.....

my harley-davidson wallet from the 1970s-80s, given to me by someone very special.
ahh, the sounds of spring: singing birds, children laughing in the park , and the growl of a 750cc engine rumbling past my house...

recently, i have been really inspired by the look, feel, and idea of the "road-warrior" culture.  here, in my village, bikers are large, grizzly men in leather vests covered with patches.  many are veterans.  they ALL kick ass. (i want 2 get some photographs of a bike, but haven't felt that the moment is right yet....i am afraid i'll get caught in the act then have to actually explain what i am doing..."uhhh, i'm sorry, sir, i'll back away now, i was just taking really close up photos of your bike for my "blog"...yikes!) (anyway. i PROMISE soon i'll get some, no more chickening out)
studded vest, robin's jean. jacket, belstaff. cross earrings,, studded iPhone case, rosary- dagger necklace, pamela love. sunglasses & ring, chrome hearts. satchel, belstaff. boots, harley-davidson.
so many designs these days are biker-culture inspired. leather, studs, spikes, and "distressed" fabric is everywhere, from alexander wang to zara. for me, it's always important to find authenticity closer to the source...(i too love spiked Litas, but i cannot imagine wearing them on a bike.)

the harley-davidson co. itself, designs and produces apparel.

one of my favorite accessory designers is chrome hearts. they manage to stay true to the original feeling and spirit of biker culture without losing their amazing sense of fashion and design.  (the company was started by a biker in the 1980s.) i have a chrome hearts necklace that i was lucky enough to find at the brooklyn flea. (whole 'nutha post...stay tuned.)

and, belstaff.  the english version of harley-davidson.  they have become really popular in the past few years.  a while back they did some work for j.crew.  i first found out about them in a small boutique in NYC's west village whose name now escapes me...(i was like "oh, that's a beautiful leather jacket"...then i checked out the price tag...whoa.)  i love their designs and, when i win the lottery, any of their pieces would be a truly worthwhile investment.
my chrome hearts necklace. photo by christina baute.
there's so much amazing cultural history involved in this trend, not only in the US but also even though spring and summer are coming and pastel colors are everywhere (ugh. i'm really trying 2 b OK w/ this...)...don't b afraid to mix some leather, studs and spikes into the mix....and b ready to take that road trip !!!



  2. Hi! By any chance are you able to help with authenticating chrome hearts necklaces? Found 2 on ebay but am a bit skeptical. Please let me know, thanks!

    1. hey there, post the links, i'll take a look at the items for ya.

    2. here, these are the two :)


    3. sorry! realised the links werent complete

    4. the first one looks maybe a little questionable, to me. i'd like to see a shot of the side of the charms, there is usually writing or engraving there. the second one looks good to me from the pic (the one with the single charm) and it seems like the seller has a good rating and other pieces from chrome hearts...i'd email him with any questions you may have. ask also if he has other pics which show additional markings. good luck :) x

    5. awesome, thanks for your help! :) went ahead and purchased the 2nd one, so excited for it to come!!! also, if it isnt too much trouble, could you maybe pass on your tips on how to authenticate chrome hearts rings/necklaces/bracelets? you could email me at it'd be great if you could ^^

  3. Bikers do have a really cool style! All the leather and metal is so edgy and sexy! That vintage Harley Davidson is really, really awesome! When did you get it? And have you checked out Harley Davidson’s biking fashions? I’m sure they have clothes you’d really love.

    Hannah Parkin