Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pimp my.......BLOG??!?!!

pic of a roberto costa "maria zuerta" recycled necklace.
now, that's some serious BLING!!!!

since i began blogging, i realize my blog is not very flash-y, bloglovin-y, or full of  contests and time hopefully it will b all of those things...
let's have a contest right now: pimp my blog?! winner gets to be featured on this site and be shared with all my one follower(s)!!

(hmm. maybe better to wait on that. but seriously, if u wanna help me pimp my blog, drop me a comment! :D)

a designer who embodies "conscious style"...conscious of the environment, recycling, using what you have...brings me to today's post on the brilliant work of Roberto Costa, whose beautiful "Maria Zuerta" line of jewelry has me full of shopping lust.  each piece is crafted from recycled materials. this line breathes new life into jewelry by re-configuring old, un-used, cast-off pieces.

i discovered "Maria Zuerta" here, (and if you're not familiar with this boutique, please check it out if you're in/around NYC, it is amazing)

i'll be using this as inspiration for an upcoming line of jewelry i plan to develop: all one-of-a-kind pieces using recycled and found may take a while to gather them, but that's part of the process...

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