Tuesday, March 20, 2012


the poncho came from my local thrift store. the earrings are handmade by TheSkulleryUSA. my boots are from minnetonka, they were a christmas gift from my mom. the blue nail polish is essie's "aruba blue"(#784).

 a friend recently checked out my blog...she really said it best when she wrote,

 " I also have wanted for a long time to stop buying "new" things - this world already has so many manufactured things in it, including in our dumps, so why do we have to keep making more? Anyway, I appreciate your passion for thrifting - it's much more than just a budget thing!"

i've been a thrift-shopper my entire life, not necessarily because i thought i was helping the environment, but because i hardly ever had the $$ to buy new stuff! when i was a kid my friends and i could find incredible true "vintage" pieces at the shops...it's hard  to find good stuff now.  more people are doing it, the shops are very picked-over...i'm not upset at this tho because it means more people are buying less "new" merchandise, and hopefully being more creative with what they alreday have.

a great place to find incredible vintage and handmade is etsy.  this web-based company is amazing. i am addicted to this site, and i'm threatening to open a shop (if i can ever get my SH*T together).  Check out Falke Malum's shop, TheSkulleryUSA, where my pheasant earrings came from, here

it is so important to support artists and craftspeople, which is something you can easily do by browsing and buying from etsy's thousands of online shops...just be careful to read each seller's feedback and ask questions if you're not sure about a shop or an item.  i've found the merchants to be very kind, accommodating, and willing to answer questions.

to me, fashion and personal style are an extension of art...it's a constantly evolving journey....thanks 2 my followers for joining me on this one :) xo

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