Thursday, March 22, 2012

MARILYN MINTER on my fingernails?!!

check out my cosmic nail art...this was surprisingly easy to do!!! all i did was buy some press-on nail strips...a friend tells me the cheaper ones work better ...these are from"kiss" and this set is "strength and beauty" (it cost only $3, found @ my local drugstore.)

some tips:
-i cut the pre-cut strip down even further with maincure scissors after putting it on my nail-- my nails are very tiny and short...i could use one strip for 2, sometimes 3 nails.
-i lifted them off the backing with a pair of tweezers. and set them down just above the cuticle.
-after pressing them on, i trimmed the edges with a nail clipper.  i used the edge of the tweezer to smooth them into shape, working from the center, out.
-pressed the remaining edges down, folding any small ragged edges down over the edge of the nail
-filed the nails after doing all that...carefully and using a very fine salon board.
all painting/photography in this post (xcept the 'nails of course) is by marilyn minter...she has collaborated with MAC cosmetics in the past. check out more of her artwork


  1. Your nails look great. Love how they jewls are broken up by the black too. x

  2. They look great! I will never have the patience to do this in my nails! You did a great job!x

  3. Oh wow these nails look fantastic! I definitely will try this out!

  4. awesome nails! looks fantastic! :) xx